Saudi Arabia’s Premier Provider for Supply Chain Solutions

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SBT is a premium, market-leading transport, warehouse, & logistics company based in Saudi Arabia with a long-standing history of 40+ years.

Established in 1977, SBT has three major business divisions: Express and General Transportation, Warehousing & Distribution Services, and Total Integrated Logistics Solutions or better known as Senddex, Storex and Logistex respectively.

With a delivery network spanning 40 locations across Saudi Arabia and our suite of Logistics Assets ranging from Trucks to Warehousing Hubs, SBT has built a strong and robust infrastructure to support their clients’ needs in every step of the supply chain.


Why us?

SBT has established itself as one of the best supply chain service providers in Saudi Arabia. Our clients appreciate us for our ability to serve as a one stop shop to address their supply chain needs, our cultural know-how to operate successfully in the Kingdom, and our upmost care and service we provide our clients.