Logistics projects in the big cities: Riyadh and Jeddah

Posted on 18 April 2020


Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 looks to take advantage of its strategic geographic position by investing in key logistics projects across the country. Having already invested heavily in the country’s infrastructure, including ports, railways, roads and airports, Saudi continues to work towards taking full advantage of international private sector partnerships to create a transport and logistics hub in the region.


This week we explore four key logistic projects in the region.


Jeddah Islamic Port


Work is underway to build new terminals at the Jeddah Islamic Port in order to accommodate the world’s largest container ships. The upgraded port is expected to attract trade from nearby countries and help transform Saudi Arabia into an essential logistics partner in the Middle East. 

The cost of turning Jeddah Islamic Port into a regional trade hub is USD 2.4 billion. Additionally, by 2030, Saudi Arabia wants 70% of port development to be handled by private companies. 

Riyadh Bus Service

Riyadh is getting a new bus service. The Abdulaziz Bus Public Transport Network has been scheduled to kick off in Q2 2020. The Riyadh Metro will link together the rapidly expanding city, in accordance with Vision 2030’s goal of improving transportation for the city’s burgeoning population. 

Oman’s New Road Projects

Oman will boost its trade ties with KSA. The Wadi Saa-Hafeet dual road and Ibri bypass road will connect Saudi Arabia and Oman, boosting land connectivity and trade potential between the neighboring countries. 

Riyadh Mega Cargo Tunnel

The Saudi government has given the green light to a mega cargo terminal in Riyadh. The proposed terminal will span across 60,000 square meters and be capable of handling 600,000 tons of cargo a year. The first phase of construction is expected to be completed by mid-2022.

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