How is Saudi Vision 2030 helping Businesses Grow?

Posted on 08 April 2020



With a new plan to recreate its identity and economic profitability over the next decade under Vision 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is charting a new phase in its development.

The Vision 2030 goals focus on diversifying the Saudi economy away from oil to develop other sectors like tourism, hospitality, health care, agriculture, education, retail and wholesale trade. For the fulfilment of this goal, the country is undertaking large-scale construction projects at the Red Sea, Neom, Qiddiya, and AlUla, along with others across the country.

These projects require extensive support to streamline the movement of construction goods and services. Set for completion over the next decade, these projects are also creating opportunities for other expanding businesses that relate to and support these industries.

The government is heavily investing in strategic infrastructure to further strengthen its advantageous geographical position on trade routes across Africa, Asia and Europe. To make the most of this environment fostering growth in the country, the importance of using the correct logistics and transportation methodologies becomes vital for businesses that are looking to scale and grow.


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